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Our idea of ​​Furnishing

We at Luxroom believe that the art of furnishing is an experience that involves all 5 of our senses, a unique experience that can satisfy both the sight and the sense of smell.

With our portal we want to take you within this philosophy, giving you unique emotions from the moment you choose your design furniture until the moment you arrive home, you can smell it and see it inside your living room.

The importance of the Outdoor

Discover the brand that made outdoor furniture their lifestyle choice. Experience the pleasure of furnishing your outdoor corner.

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What’s new?

Browse our Lookbooks and take inspiration to decorate your living rooms

You can find the furnishings in our store and contact us for more information on how to best combine them.

Light and all its forms

Visit our section dedicated to lighting and discover all the ways you can illuminate your living room.

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What does it mean to buy on Luxroom?

Immerse yourself in true luxury

Each item on the site has been carefully selected with our high quality and design standards. The refinement of the style and the uniqueness of each element mean that those who buy on Luxroom bring with them a unique piece of furniture

Be followed with care

From the time of the request for information until delivery to your home you will be followed by our customer care in a constant and available manner. The reliability of our service will ensure that you have no fear in completing any purchase.

Always have the best price

We always guarantee the best online price. If you find the same item at a lower price, just report it to us to see our offer immediately aligned. Our goal is to bring luxury to every home and by offering the lowest price on the net we succeed in our aim.

Get the valuable advice of an interior designer

Our team includes interior design professionals who will be able to advise you and follow you in all your purchases. Have you chosen a sofa but are not sure about the fabric? We will present you all the colors and materials available, also through a call conference, to suggest which ones best fit your living room.

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